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Foods You Didn’t Know Were Named After People

Did you ever wonder what it takes to have a dish named after you? Well, for some people, it’s a matter of inventing some utterly delicious or being in the right place at the right time. From graham crackers and nachos to fettuccine Alfredo, here are 20 popular foods named after people.



1. Sandwich: Named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (he did not invent the sandwich—meat between bread was invented long before his time), but his name was applied to it after he typically served this type of food when entertaining friends.

2. Reuben Sandwich: Reuben Kolakofsky made this hot sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and sauerkraut for a poker group that got together in a hotel restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska.


3. Granny Smith apple: Named after Maria Ana (Granny) Smith, it originated in Australia where it was planted by Maria Anna Smith.

4. Bananas Foster: A dessert of caramelized bananas with vanilla ice cream, named after Richard Foster who was a regular customer and friend of owner Owen Brennan at Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans.


5. Caesar Salad: Caesar Cardini (or one of his associates) made this salad at the restaurant at Hotel Caesar in Tijuana.  

6. Cobb Salad: Robert H. Cobb invented this salad as a late-night snack at his Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant in the 1930’s.


7. Graham Crackers: Named after Sylvester Graham, a 19th century Presbyterian minister, who lived a puritan lifestyle—he was all about vegetarianism, and whole wheat.

8. Nachos: First created by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya in 1943, the original nacho dish consisted of fried corn tortillas covered in melted cheddar cheese and topped with pickled jalapeños.


9. Cherry Garcia Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s flavour, cherry ice cream with fudge flakes, named after the deceased singer Jerry Garcia.

10. German Chocolate Cake: This layered chocolate cake was named after Sam German (not Germany as you may have thought), who invented the formula for dark baking chocolate that was used in this recipe.


11. Margherita Pizza: This fan-fave ( tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and olive oil), was named after Queen Margarita Savoy from Naples, who was presented with this pizza made—layered with foods with the colours of the Italian flag.

12. Kaiser Rolls: Rolls made by a Viennese baker in the 1400’s, thought to have been named after Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III (aka The Kaiser).


13. Salisbury Steak: Health food advocate, Dr. James H. Salisbury, who was a health food advocate, combined minced beef and other ingredients, threw on some sauce, and told his patients to consume this food three times per day!

14. General Tso’s Chicken: This sweet, spicy deep-fried chicken dish was named after General Zuo Zontang of the Qing Dynasty.


15. Beef Stroganoff: This Russian dish of sautéed beef and sour cream-based sauce, was named in honour of Count Pavel Stroganoff, a military leader in the 19th century.

16. Fettuccine Alfredo: Italian chef Alfredo di Lelio from the early 20th century, invented this dish for his pregnant wife at his Roman restaurant, and began selling (and popularizing it) among tourists.


17. Carpaccio: Named after Italian renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio, the colour of this thinly-sliced raw beef was similar to the red shade this painter commonly used in his work.

18. Chateaubriand: A thick (but tender) cut of tenderloin filet, traditionally served with roasted potatoes and Bearnaise sauce, was named for Vicomte Franois Ren de Chateaubriand, a French writer and diplomat, but his chef Montinireil in 1822.


19. Oysters Rockefeller: This dish of baked or broiled half-shelled oysters topped with various ingredients (herbs, rich melted butter, etc), was named after John D. Rockefeller in 1899 (the richest American of his time) by Jules Alciatore, son of Antoine Alciatore, at New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s. He was short on French snails so he decided to use the locally available oysters instead of snails.

20. Pralines: This caramelized almond confection (which later became pecan-based) was named after Marshall César du Plessis- Praslin, whose cook invented them.

5 Most Popular (and Easy!) Julia Child Recipes to Master


Tomorrow (August 15) is the birthday of the much-revered chef, television personality and cookbook author, Julia Child. What better way to celebrate this iconic food icon than to learn how to cook some of the most popular recipes from her cookbook, The Way to Cook, on what would be her 103nd birthday no less?

Chances are, after watching the movie Julie & Julia, you immediately developed two new lifetime dreams: The first, to start doing something really interesting, launch a blog about it, get really popular, land a movie deal and have someone as darling as Amy Adams star you in the film. The second; learn how to cook.

Now, I’m not calling your bluff just yet. You probably did start a blog but if you’re still going at it, chances are it’s not quite movie-material. But what happened to mastering the art of cooking? It’s been five years and you may (or may not) have fulfilled your lifelong dream just yet.

To help you get started, we’re highlighting the easiest and most popular recipes from the cookbook that you can totally learn to master. From breakfast and side dishes, to must-try desserts, here are the five Julia Child recipes so simple and delicious, you’ll be mad you never tried them sooner.

julia child1

Salade Niçoise (page 365)
Known for its stellar combination of ingredients, Salade Niçoise has pleased generation after generation. Featuring Boston lettuce, fresh green beans, ripe red tomatoes, oil-packed tuna, French Potato salad, hard-boiled eggs and Niçoise-type olives (to name a few), the dish is a perfect option for lunch or dinner. Julia’s recommendation? It would be such a “cruel shame” to toss all the ingredients in one big bowl. Instead, prepare all the ingredients separately beforehand, and then arrange them in a bountiful, attractive bowl or platter.

Potage Parmentier or, Leek and Potato Soup (page 13)
Popular for its simplicity and of course, delicious taste, this leek and potato soup is a classic for a reason. With only five simple ingredients including sliced leeks, diced potatoes, water, salt, and cream, it’s bound to become one of your go-to recipes.

The Tossed Omelette (page 68)
I like this recipe for many reasons. First of all, it’s simple, second, it’s nutritious, and third, we’re actually instructed to be rough, fast, and just get the job done. Literally anything goes, so there’s no need to worry about it not looking perfect. All you need is two large eggs, water, salt and pepper, and butter for a classic, plain omelet, or opt for one of Julia’s fillings such as fresh herbs, cheese, or potato.

Crepes Fines Sucrèes or All-Purpose Crepe Formula (page 405)
This is the kind of recipe that boasts countless alternatives. Julia’s crepe recipe is one that goes under, around, or on top of many dishes, from entrée to dessert. With six ingredients including flour, milk, water, eggs, salt, and butter, this simple batter can be placed in your freezer, on-hand for any dish when you need it. From chicken and mushroom roulades to fruit-filled, this crepe recipe has endless possibilities, which you’ll have fun with.

Reine de Saba or the Queen of Sheba (page 471)
One look at this cake and we guarantee your mouth will start to water. Featured in the film itself, the Reine de Saba cake includes almonds, butter and of course chocolate. Perfectly moist in the centre, this cake literally melts in your mouth. It only stands about an inch and a half high like most French cakes, making it easy to serve. It may have a few more ingredients than you’re used to (about twelve) but it’s a recipe you have to tackle at least once (we guarantee you won’t be disappointed). Serve it on its own with a light dusting of confectioners sugar, or with Julia’s soft chocolate icing. Or, if you’re like me, both.

headshot Renée Reardin is a lifestyle writer and stylist living in Toronto. To learn more about her, visit www.reneereardin.com, and follow her on Twitter @reneereardin.

Guy’s New ‘Do? Giada’s Spit Scandal? Bobby’s Baby? Read on!

We love a dish-y story as much as the next pop culture addict, but we also like them to be true. (Or semi believable.) We’re tackling the biggest rumours that involve our much-loved Food Network Canada stars – because you really can’t believe everything you read on Twitter.

Jamie Oliver – Marriage Trouble?
According to some, Jamie Oliver’s marriage has been on the rocks since 2005. UK tabloids are reputed to be especially spotty with their gossip, but the fact that these rumours have persisted – with no proof or validation – for close to 10 years speaks volumes about how silly and salacious tabloids can be. (And Jamie is in good (bad?) company as Rachael Ray, Giada and Gordon Ramsay have had their marriages subject to unfounded accusations and gossip.)


Bobby Flay – Secret Baby Daddy?
There’s a ridiculous rumour that Bobby Flay is January Jones’s baby daddy. Nope, not true. Mad Men star Jones raised some eyebrows when, after getting into a fender bender, she opted to call Flay for help (he was somewhat puzzled, stating that he had only met her earlier that week and had no idea why she called him. Maybe it was a butt dial?) but somewhere along the way that mushroomed into the rumour that Flay fathered Jones’s son. Jones has never spoken about the identity of the father publicly, but that certainly doesn’t make it Bobby Flay. Can we put this one to rest, already?

Giada De Laurentiis – Refuses To Eat Her Own Cooking?
The New York Post’s Page Six (a column that seems to love to pick on our beloved Giada) claims that she doesn’t eat her own food, ever. We’re calling balderdash on this. Stephen Huvane, Giada’s publicist, cleared up the misconception with some logic. When filming up to three episodes a day, Giada can’t possibly eat the same dish over and over, so she discards some of it. This is a very common practice any time an actor eats on film; otherwise they would be subjected to eating dozens and dozens of bites of the same food.


Guy Fieri – No Longer Blonde?
There’s a very odd photo floating around Twitter right purporting to be Guy Fieri without his signature frosted tips and goatee. Don’t fall for it – it’s a fake! A bit of Photoshop sorcery was used to create the image (why, we’ll never know) and it’s been making the rounds as an authentic Guy makeover. Fear not, the frosted tips live on.

Image on right via Hollywood Life

Maria Maria Tallarico is a writer and editor with several years experience in the lifestyle realm, covering everything from luxury travel to pop culture for both print and digital publications including Forbes, LaineyGossip.com and VitaminDaily.com, as well as appearing regularly as an on-air entertainment contributor for CTV Morning Live. She lives in Vancouver with her husband, two boys and grumpy Scottish Terrier.

Mark McEwan Kicks Off Diabetes Month With a Special Recipe

Top Chef Canada judge Mark McEwan is the featured chef and cover boy(!) of the 2015 Healthy Living Calendar sponsored by Sun Life Financial.

The calendar, now in its third year, is put together by Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation and is aimed at increasing diabetes awareness—a condition that effects more than nine million Canadians, with more than 20 people being newly diagnosed with this disease every hour, of every day.


If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes (my father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes), don’t fret, we have some tips from Dr. Gary Lewis, endocrinologist, and a delicious diabetes-friendly recipe created by Chef Mark himself. Read on.

Here are four tips from Dr. Lewis for people with type 2 diabetes:

  1. Maintain a high level of physical activity. Apart from recreational physical activity this could include using stairs instead of escalators or elevators, parking further away from your destination rather than fighting for the closest parking spot, getting off public transportation one or two stops before your destination, walking during lunch hour, exercising on exercise equipment while watching TV.
  2. Eat healthy, wholesome foods that have not been processed by a factory. Whole foods contain fibre, high-water content and are less calorie-dense than processed foods and often contain lower levels of sugar, salt and fat. Limit the quantities of the food you consume, even healthy foods in large quantities will promote weight gain.
  3. All adults should have their fasting blood sugar checked a minimum of once every three years, even if they are healthy.
  4. Promote a healthy lifestyle for your children.

To kick off Diabetes awareness month, why not try this family-friendly Sun-Roasted Carrot & Chicken Salad tonight, courtesy of Mark McEwan.


To learn more and support the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, visit us at www.tgwhf.ca 


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Delicious Treats and Ghoulish Tricks in Food Network Canada’s Halloween Schedule

Grab a bowl of Halloween candy (You’re saving some for yourself, right? The kids don’t need all of it.) and get ready for Halloween on Food Network Canada!

Our schedule is heavy on the treats but we also have some tricks to get you into the proper Halloween “spirit.”

Horror-ific Halloween decorations are all made from cake, candy and pumpkins, by teams competing for a big cash prize on Halloween Wars.

On Saturday, October 25th, the ghoulish games begin at 1pm ET with Halloween-themed episodes of Guy’s Grocery Games and Beat Bobby Flay and a Halloween Wars marathon.
Hopefully, the contestants’ dishes won’t be as scary as Guy’s costume on a special Halloween episode of Guy’s Grocery Games.

On Sunday, October 26th, the mwahahaha-marathon begins at 12pm ET with Halloween-themed episodes of Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day and  Chopped. A Halloween Wars marathon and holiday special, Candy Craze, top off the spooky fun to the day.

Rachael Ray treats us to stuffed peppers with jack-o-lantern faces (so cute!) and  a savoury ground beef ghoul-ash in her Halloween-themed episode.

For Halloween week leading up to the big day, get a diabolical dose of tricks and treats with special episodes airing daily.

For full schedule details, visit our schedule page here.

Need some spooky inspiration and some holiday tricks or treats to impress your Halloween guests? Check out these photo galleries to help “liven up” your ghoulish celebration:

Dining With Food Network Canada: Vancouver Edition

Being one of Canada’s biggest cities, it’s really no surprise that a lot of Food Network Canada’s star chefs reside in Vancouver, BC. This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to experiencing the best dishes in this seaport city, but you’ll want to start with these favourite eateries.


Fable Kitchen @fablekitchen

Top Chef Canada season two runner-up, Trevor Bird, serves up meals with big flavours and regular diners here will back me up in saying that the signature ‘canned’ tuna is a must-order to start things off.


Pop by on weekends for plates like the Fable Eggs with lardons and tomato jam or – my personal favourite – the Pulled Pork Johnny Cakes. Wash it down with a big brunch caesar made with hemp vodka from Vancouver Island. Keep in mind that reservations are recommended, as this spot is always packed.



Roaming Dragon @DragonTruck

Food trucks are really a dime a dozen these days in North America. Deciphering between overpriced average fare and something that’s worth standing in a line for can be a difficult thing to figure out. Luckily for avid street food fans and restaurant fanatics alike, Eat St. alumnus, Roaming Dragon is a quality mobile eatery to track down in Vancouver.


Everything on the Asian-inspired menu comes at a reasonable price, whether it’s a Korean short rib taco ($3 a piece), braised pork belly sliders ($5 for two), or Dragon’s Indonesian-influenced spin on a poutine ($8) with braised beef, galangga and a coconut cream sauce. As long as you have your umbrella handy, this truck is well worth waiting in the rain for.


Vij’s Rangoli @vijs_restaurant

Even through the television screen, Vikram Vij’s persona is fairly infectious. The Chopped Canada season one judge has been one of the most prominent members of the Vancouver food scene with his namesake restaurant since the mid-90s.


Anyone with an affinity for the warming spices of Indian cuisine will love the menu here; dishes like lamb ‘popsicles’ marinated in wine with creamy fenugreek curry sauce, or jackfruit – technically a fruit, but think starchy like a potato – in black cardamom curry are as aromatic as they are delicious. Last but not least, order the beef short ribs – they’re finished off with jelly beans. I can’t help but wonder which Chopped Canada episode inspired that?


Even after 20 years of operation there’s still a long line out the door on any given night of the week and that’s really saying something in a city where flash-in-the-pan dining destinations are all too common.

Dan-Clapson-Avatar Dan Clapson is a food writer and culinary instructor based out of Calgary. He is constantly creating new recipes and striving to expand his culinary horizons. He thinks yam fries are overrated.

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Rachael Ray Weighs in on The Paltrow-Stewart Feud

By now you’ve probably heard about the smack down Martha Stewart gave Gwyneth Paltrow. Martha said the actor turned lifestyle expert (thanks to the popularity of her GOOP website) should just stick to acting and stop trying to be, well, Martha Stewart.

Gwyneth took the high road saying she was psyched by the comparison. But Martha wasn’t done; she posted an article taking a dig at Gwyneth’s “conscious uncoupling” to ex-husband Chris Martin, featuring foods that go well together, titled… yep, conscious coupling.

And now we have Rachael Ray weighing in. Rachael is Team Gwyneth all the way saying, “I love Gwyneth Paltrow! I think she’s an amazing cook.” Unlike certain lifestyle gurus, Rachael believes cooking isn’t all about achieving perfection. “I want people to see messes and successes here. I want them to see something that’s relatable and attainable.” Take that, Martha.

Get the full article from ET Canada

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The Ultimate Hawaii Five-O Viewing Menu

The party continues! For  Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings with powerhouse series Hawaii Five-O.


The Ultimate Hawaii Five-O Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic)

Whether you tune-in for the bikini-clad babes, bare-chested bros, ballin’ beaches, badass-ery, bromances or blood-pumping action, Hawaii Five-O is your jam and we don’t blame you – it’s totally awesome, brah. In celebration of the return of one of TV’s sexiest series, prepare a menu that will distract your friends from Alex O’Loughlin’s abs…smile…tan…laugh…tattoos… or at least get them drunk enough to think he’s within reach (aloha!)

To get into the island spirit, serve your guests (and yourself) a vodka-laden pineapple coconut flavoured Hawaiian cocktails followed by shrimp and scallop coconut ceviche.


Pre-viewing Cocktail and App:

The big kehuna is a shrimp tasting platter that will bring guests to their knees. Inspired by Big T’s (i.e. Kamekoma) recently opened shrimp truck, put your hands up for an assortment of glazes from orange-pineapple to sweet and sour. Much like the fiery procedural, guests will be on the edge of their seats awaiting the next dish.


Main Course:

Go cuckoo for cocopuffs with Chin Ho Kelly’s favourite dessert – a chocolate cream puff that put Liliha’s Bakery on the map. Crank the heat up, don your lei from five Halloweens ago and feel inferior as Grace Park’s six pack inevitably appears on screen… it’s Hawaii Five-O time baby!

Hawaii Five-O Season 5 premieres Friday, September 26 – 9PM ET/PT on Global.




The Ultimate NCIS: New Orleans and Chicago Fire Viewing Menu

To celebrate Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings with powerhouse series NCIS: New Orleans and Chicago Fire.


The Ultimate NCIS: New Orleans Viewing Menu (written by Kaitlyn Ward)

Are you still reeling from Zeva’s departure from NCIS last season? Are you looking to satisfy your craving for a hearty helping of heart-pounding drama? Your calls have been answered with NCIS: New Orleans! Y’all better get to the quarter because this show is hotter than a Cajun catfish! With back-to-back premieres of NCIS and the series premiere of NCIS: New Orleans, the non-stop bone-chilling cases, chemistry & adrenaline-inducing action will come at you like beads at the Mardi Gras parade! As delicious as Special Agent Lasalle is, the kitchen will be even hotter with these NOLA-inspired dishes.

To get things started and let loose like you’re in The Big Easy, sip on a creole bloody mary. But don’t confuse this kicking cocktail with an ordinary bloody mary – feel the heat with a blast of cayenne pepper and garnish with pickled okra to help you channel your inner Abby Sciuto (go on and take a dance break during the commercials!)

Now laissez les bons temps rouler (or let the good times roll to those of you that aren’t up on the lingo) and dig in to a spicy jambalaya that will have even no-nonsense Gibbs leading the march for the second line parade.

Would an episode of NCIS be complete without a DiNozzo wise crack? Hell no! And this meal would not be complete without dessert. Undo that top button and indulge in a beignet (or a dozen!) that is sure to tide you over until next week’s all-new episodes!

NCIS Season 12 returns to Global on September 23 – 8PM, followed by the series premiere of NCIS: New Orleans at 9 pm.


Pre-viewing Cocktail:


Main Course:




The Ultimate Chicago Fire Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic)

So, you want cut abs like Kelly Severide? Bulging arms that could carry a kitten out of a tree? In the words of Dawson, “bitch please.” This Chicago-style cuisine will be as satisfying as your dreams about Taylor Kinney and way more fun than the gym. So sit back, loosen your cargo pants and enjoy the season three premiere of Chicago Fire!

To kick things off and appropriately cleanse your palate, down Creator Derek Haas’ favourite cocktail, the “highball” comprising whiskey, ginger ale and lime (and take a subsequent shot every time Dawson stares lovingly at Casey).

Then, channel 51 Firehouse’s resident cook and heartthrob Mills, and prepare some family-style, feel-good Bucktown samplers that will fire up your friends’ tastebuds including mini pizzas, mini Chicago-style hot dogs and slow-cooked Italian beef sliders. Warning: consumption may set off a five alarm fire.

Chicago Fire Season Three returns to Global on September 23 – 10PM


Pre-viewing Cocktail:


Main Course:



The Ultimate Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist Viewing Menu

Continuing Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings. Tonight it’s Sleepy Hollow followed by The Blacklist


The Ultimate Sleepy Hollow Viewing Menu (written by Kaitlyn Ward):

Wake up Sleepyheads! It’s time for fan-favourite Sleepy Hollow to be resurrected, saving you from TV purgatory. Put on your roomiest britches and get ready to throw the viewing party of the century.

Prepare to be transported to the colonial days with a “stone fence”. You will be bound to this cocktail featuring spiced rum and apple cider, casting a spell on your taste buds. Garnish with a lemon twist and you will have all of the Four Horseman ready to party!

You are sure to lose your head over this colonial beef stew that will satisfy your inner Crane but appeal to your modern Mills. Don’t forget to leave some room because you would be as crazy as Jenny if you skipped dessert.

Unleash your devilish side with sin-eater cinnamon beignets! Dip these supernaturally-sweet morsels in a cream cheese frosting to tide you over for another 230 years (or at least until next week’s episode) and set Twitter on fire with your fabulous food pics that may even get Captain Irving’s attention (#yum).

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 returns to Global on September 22 – 9 pm ET/PT


Pre-viewing Cocktails:


Main Course:



The Ultimate Blacklist Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic):

You’ve spent the summer perfecting your evil (yet irresistible) laugh, purchasing the perfect fedora and tinted shades, and conjuring up theories about who the hell Red is and whether or not Tom is alive – yes, you are in The Blacklist withdrawal club.

To celebrate one of the most highly anticipated series returns, it’s time to recruit a culinary task force and make a meal that would land on the most wanted list (or at the very least blow up your instagram).

So, let’s kick things off “Berlin” style with bratwurst and German potato salad. To ensure maximum criminal-fighting stamina – and brain power for Red’s mindgames – serve your guests an extra protein punch in the form of sausage stuffed mushroom caps.

Now would be a good time to take a break to sip a full-bodied merlot and loosen those Italian wool pants in preparation for the main dish: a mean beef stroganoff (fans will recall that Red had to raincheck after shooting the cook’s husband – surprise, surprise.)

You’re probably feeling like Lizzie post-break up but it can’t be as bad as getting a pen in your neck so pony up: it’s time to cap off your meal with a crime brule, Lizzie’s favourite dessert.

The Blacklist returns to Global on September 22 – 10pm ET/PT.


Pre-viewing Apps:  


Main Course:




The Ultimate Good Wife Viewing Menu

To kick off Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings starting with powerhouse series The Good Wife (which we LOVE. Go Alicia!)


Let’s be real: you are a modern day superhero. You are an awesome mom who’s calm under pressure, yet protective; you’re a boss at the office, bringing suits to their knees with your cool demeanor and legal prowess, all the while channeling a Vogue editor as you stroll down the hallway in tailored pencil skirts and blazers. Or you’re the other 90 percent of the population.

Either way, you can appreciate a strong woman at the top of her game and live for Sunday nights anchored by a full-to-the-brim glass of red wine and The Good Wife. Not to mention, your Sunday lineup just got a presidential size bump with new series Madam Secretary. We’re giving you full permission to kick your feet up, eat until your blazer pops and drink until Will becomes a distant memory (kidding – no amount of alcohol can do that).

Let’s kick things off with a tequila infused cocktail or two – not only does it bring you closer to Will and Alicia, it serves as the perfect palate cleanser for your main dish: Fully loaded pizzas, and if you’re feeling extra ambitious infuse said dough with beer. Will would have wanted it that way. Arrest your guests with the mother (in-law) of all pies: a Jackie-Florick inspired mince pie. Proceed with caution as you serve the grand finale — wine steeped plums and/or peaches. No objections here!

Madame Secretary and The Good Wife premiere Sunday, September 21st on Global TV starting at 8pm ET/PT.

The Ultimate Good Wife Viewing Menu:


Pre-viewing cocktails:


Main Course:



Written by Anne Vranic, a publicist/writer who loves wine and The Good Wife in equal measure.


5 Reasons Why Chef Michael Smith Loves Lentils

Lentils are an incredibly versatile legume and can be used in a variety of different dishes. Here’s why chef Michael Smith absolutely adores cooking with them.


Why Do I Love Lentils?

1. I love lentils! They’re the perfect ingredient for Thanksgiving (or really any time of the year) because they hit all the marks that matter for my family: Lentils are so healthy that they’re considered a superfood and regularly show up on nutritionists ‘Top Ten Healthiest Foods” lists. They’re a legume, jam packed with iron, Vitamin B and other micronutrients and loaded with fiber. They’re also an excellent source of protein which makes them a favourite of vegetarians everywhere, especially in Gujarat India, where I explored their use as a daily staple. I always feel extra confident when I cook with them because I know I’m making an excellent choice for my family’s food lifestyle.

2. Lentils are easy to cook. Unlike other legumes they don’t require a long overnight soaking to tenderize and soften. All you have to do is simmer them with water or other liquids and they’ll quickly and easily soften. This simplicity means they’ll also easily absorb any flavour theme you happen to throw at them in the course of your cooking adventures. Their versatility is one of the reasons this humble legume is found in kitchens all over the world!

3. Lentils are tasty. Their simple, earthy flavour is addictively satisfying. They’re hearty enough to go well with meats and fish but not so strongly flavoured that they take over a dish. They tend to play a neutral role in the overall flavour profile and are particularly good at carrying other more distinctive flavours, aromatic herbs and fragrant curries. Depending on how you cook them their texture ranges from a smooth thick puree to pleasantly firm and distinct with just the right amount of chewiness!

4. My Kids Love Them. If your house is anything like mine you can spout a laundry list of reasons for why your kids should eat something but if it’s not tasty, they’re not biting. Fortunately lentils pass this critical test with flying colours. They arrive at our table in numerous guises from highly aromatic red lentil dal puree to neutral and distinct within a simple chicken soup. They’re never an issue!

5. Lentils are Canadian! We’re just getting accustomed to eating them but we already grow more lentils than anyone else on earth. They’re an enormously productive plant for our farmers although the vast majority of them are exported, most to India. The second most populous country is the worlds largest consumer of lentils, most Indians eat them in some form every single day. Here at home were learning to love them too!