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Good Eats: The Return

Alton Brown is Back With Good Eats: The Return 

Fans of the original Good Eats may remember all the elements that made the show great: quirky puppets, costumes and power tools all wielded by a friendly neighbourhood mad genius named Alton Brown who showed a generation how to cook, and cook right.

Now, Good Eats: The Return (airing on August 31 at 10 PM E/T) is bringing back the zany fun — and sound scientific principles — to the screen, two decades later. We caught up with Alton to spill the secrets on the new season of Good Eats: The Return, and how the show has developed through the years.

Host Alton Brown, as seen on Good Eats: The Return, Season 15.

Host Alton Brown, as seen on Good Eats: The Return, Season 15.

Premiering on Food Network in 1999, the original Good Eats ran for 13 seasons, covering off cooking techniques, gear, and gadgets all the while providing home cooks with a road map to explore the best way to tackle detailed recipes. Don’t think for a minute that Brown has been taking it easy since then: with host duties on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef Gauntlet and a live tour showing off his prodigious musical chops, he’s been as busy as ever. 

Still, he couldn’t let the Good Eats concept alone for too long, revisiting his favourite episodes with Good Eats: Reloaded last year. Reloaded looked at essential topics such as roast chicken, chocolate, pie and burgers. “I had always planned on bringing Good Eats back, but when I realized I had the opportunity to go back and fix old shows with Reloaded, It got me started about a new visual language and working with the crew I had worked with for so many years,” says Alton.“It was a refresher course in certain ways.”

Now, with Good Eats: The Return, Alton is putting those key skills he’s learned to work on brand new episodes. He promises everything from a bread episode straight out of science fiction (“We’re doing a wild sourdough show that is set in a post-apocalyptic world, but it’s still in my kitchen. It’s after a zombie apocalypse and a nuclear blast and the reawakening of a giant dinosaur,” he says), to a new take on classics such as steak tartare. “We tell stories about food, and we tell stories about a very wide array of foods. And we won’t do a recipe if a story can’t drive it,” he says.

Alton Brown on the set of Good Eats: The Return

Alton Brown on the set of Good Eats: The Return

Fans can also expect a return of the tried and truly-tested recipes that made the original Good Eats a success. “I think that what people like with me is that they know that everything’s been vetted to death,” says Alton. “We’ve looked at the information six ways from Wednesday.”

To kick off the season, Alton visits a classic chicken parmesan recipe, based on high demand from the fans. He applied his trademark methodical approach, delving into the history of not just the dish, but the idea of Italian-American cuisine in general. “What we believe to be Italian food is 100 percent an American thing, which came out of a very specific immigrant experience. Chicken parmesan was an immigrant upgrade of eggplant parmesan, based on availability,” he says. “The problem is, if you treat chicken like eggplant, it becomes a very different kind of dish. So to get the most out of the chicken, you’ve got to reengineer the dish, which we did. But I never would have come to that unless I had understood the evolution, not only of the dish, but of the Italian American immigrant experience and the birth of Italian food.”

Good Eats: The Return is also coming back at a new time in food culture, where online sourcing and savvy viewers are changing how the show is made. “We used to have to call grocery stores to see if they had certain ingredients and now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore,” says Alton. “And because of things like the internet and social media, people know more about food.”

With this season’s episode on shakshuka, for example, this viewer knowledge meant that Alton could approach the topic differently. “A few years ago, no-one knew what shakshuka was — they thought it was a basketball player,” he jokes. “Now, everybody knows what shakshuka is, so there’s a lot more acceptable avenues that one can take telling culinary stories.”

One thing that hasn’t changed with Good Eats — and never will — is Alton’s desire to make family-friendly viewing for everyone to enjoy. “There are people that watched this show with their parents in 2003 who are now introducing their children to the show,” he says. “The highest honour is when people come up to me and say, ‘this was the one thing we watched together as a family’. I want to still make media that can connect generations under a roof. I always want this show to be viewed by people from age 4 to 400.”

Watch the first two episodes of Good Eats: The Return on Food Network Canada on August 31, 2019, starting at 10 PM E/T.

Alton Brown’s Crispy Oven Chicken Wings Will Make You Ditch the Fryer

Where would we be without juicy, crispy, saucy chicken wings? The bar and sports snack staple has taken flight over the years as one of the most popular (not to mention expensive) parts of the bird, a fact that’s hard to believe considering people once tossed wings in the garbage rather than in delicious barbecue sauce.

How to Make Crispy Oven Chicken Wings

If you’re making them at home,  Alton Brown shares his step-by-step method to ensure crispy, perfect wings every single time. You won’t even need a deep fryer;  his fool proof recipe uses the oven. And you have to see Alton’s hacked steamer rack made from a few basic items from the hardware store!


So, remember these five simple steps for your crispiest, oven-baked wings:
1. Separate
2. Get Nice and Steamy
3. Chill Out
4. Roast Them Up
5. Toss with Sauce

Voila. Delicious, homemade wings just in time for your next wing night. Serve with some veggies sticks and a creamy dressing for some added flavour and flair.

Got your basic wings down? Great! Now check out some of these other recipes for a new twist on the classic hot sauce flavour.

Try These Great Chicken Wing Recipes

Alton Brown’s Orange Glazed Chicken Wings
Use Alton’s method for oven roasting the wings to crispy perfection then toss them in his Asian-inspired tangy, spicy and citrusy sauce.

Maple BBQ Chicken Wings
This spice mixture works on a variety of chicken cuts, but we love the way it pops when paired with this maple glaze on wings. To use it with Alton’s method, put the spice mixture on the wings before roasting them. Toss the wings with the glaze and roast in the oven for 5-10 minutes more.

General Tao Chicken Wings
Your favourite take-out dish becomes your favourite game day snack. After roasting the wings à la Alton, toss them with this spicy, sweet and sticky sauce.

Lime, Coconut and Chili Chicken Wings
This Asian-inspired spicy, salty, sweet sauce features everyone’s favourite hot sauce – Sriracha. Toss your crispy, roasted wings in the sauce after they come out of the oven.

Looking for more tasty wings? Try these Finger Lickin’ Chicken Wing Recipes.

10 Reasons You’ll Love to Watch Food Network Canada this Fall

Indulge your sweet and savoury side with Food Network Canada’s fall schedule stocked with down-home comfort, sugar highs, thrilling competitions and the best recipes for winning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are ten delicious reasons you’ll love to watch us this fall:

1. The Great Food Truck Race, Y’all!
Tyler Florence heads to the American South – the land of po’ boys, decadent seafood and of course, southern fried chicken. The race kicks off in New Orleans with seven teams of food truck novices vying to make it to the finale in Savannah, Georgia and win the $50,000 grand prize.

The Great Food Truck Race premieres Sunday, August 20 at 9 E/P.

2. Family, Food and Fun on Guy’s Family Road Trip
Guy is packing up the RV and taking his wife, Lori,  and two sons, Ryder and Hunter, on the road from California to Florida with stops along the way for off-the-hook delicious eats and family fun at iconic locations and roadside attractions.

Guy’s Family Road Trip premieres Friday, September 1 at 9 E/P.
Want more Guy? Catch him in Guy’s Grocery Games: Superstars Tournament beginning August 27.

3. Hannah Hart in I Hart Food
You might know her from her YouTube series Drunk Kitchen. (She does have over 2 million followers).  Now Hannah is taking her love of food and puns on the road, finding the most incredible eats from Maine to New Mexico to North Carolina.  Tune in and get to know Hannah. You’re going to heart her.

I Hart Food premieres Friday, September 1 at 11 E/P.

4. Food Network All-Stars Step Into the Ring to Beat Bobby Flay
It’s an All Star takeover on Beat Bobby Flay! Alton Brown, Michael Symon and Ted Allen judge which culinary stars like Marcus Samuelsson, Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell and Damaris Phillips could beat Bobby at his own culinary game.

Beat Bobby Flay: All Star Takeover premieres Thursday, August 31 at 10 E/P.

5. Learn to Cook Like a Pro with the Barefoot Contessa
Ina Garten is known for her easy, elegant recipes and sage hosting advice. In this new season, she shares her best cooking secrets and techniques along with her foolproof recipes so you can make your best meals ever.

Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro premieres Sunday, September 10 at 10am ET. You’ll be able to find all of Ina’s signature recipes from the series on her recipes page.

6.  Celebrity Dish-asters Become Kitchen Masters on Worst Cooks in America
Fellow kitchen disasters SNL alum Nora Dunn, gossip blogger Perez Hilton, style expert Carson Kressley and actress Vivica A. Fox go through an intense culinary bootcamp led by Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray. After eight weeks of spills and thrills, one of them will rise to be a kitchen master and earn $25,000 for the charity of their choice.

Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition premieres Wednesday, August 30 at 10 E/P.

7. The Most Amazing Cakes on Texas Cake House
Texan cake artist Natalie Sideserf creates some of the most-intricate cake sculptures in the world. Her husband, Dave, quit his day job to help her realize her delicious dreams. Watch these two sweethearts create some of the most amazing cakes you’ll ever see.

Texas Cake House premieres Monday, August 28 at 10 E/P.

8. Ninja Tips and Deliciously Healthy Recipes so You (and Your Kids) Can Love Your Lunch!
Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh (the culinary duo behind Sweet Potato Chronicles) are not your average lunch ladies. They’re Love Your Lunch ladies! From genius tips on getting more veggies in your mid-day meal to fun ways to snack pack your lunch, Ceri and Laura will share their tips and recipes for tasty, healthy lunches you and your kids will love to eat.

Love Your Lunch videos and recipes will be available here on August 25.

9. No One Does Easy, Down Home Cooking Like The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummond is back with more recipes your family will love. In each new episode, she’ll share her best meal short cuts, how to work ahead and of course, deliciously easy recipes – all from her gorgeous ranch kitchen.

The Pioneer Woman premieres Saturday, September 9 at 12pm ET. You’ll be able to find all of Ree’s new recipes from the series on her recipes page.

10. Dessert Games: a Sweeter Take on Guy’s Grocery Games

Guy Fieri hands over the keys to Flavortown Market to dessert master Duff Goldman. In Duff’s newly dubbed “Sweet City,” four dessert chefs will shop for and create amazing confections, vying for the sweetest finish – a shopping spree worth up to $10,000 for the last chef standing.

Dessert Games premieres Monday, August 28 at 9 E/P.

For complete listings, check out our schedule page here.

Going for the Gauntlet: Iron Chef Returns with All-New Series

It’s been four years since chefs stepped into Iron Chef’s Kitchen Stadium to determine ‘whose cuisine will reign supreme,’ but the epic wait is finally over. Chefs will battle it out for culinary supremacy in the premiere of Iron Chef Gauntlet on Sunday, April 23 at 9 E/P. 

In Iron Chef America, a competitor and an Iron Chef go head-to-head, cooking a series of dishes using the dramatically unveiled Secret Ingredient. Each dish is judged by a panel of esteemed judges on all things taste, presentation and creativity. Whoever has the highest combined total score is the winner of the challenge.Iron-Chef-Gauntlet-Bobby-Flay-Michael-Symon-Masaharu-Morimoto
Iron Chefs L-R: Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay, Michael Symon

But it’s a new era in Kitchen Stadium and the battle to win the Iron Chef title is tougher than ever.  Over the course of five episodes, seven culinary superstars will first face off against each other in Chairman’s Challenges and Secret Ingredient Showdowns until they are whittled down to just one. In the finale of this six-part series, the last chef standing enters the gauntlet where he or she must face off against three Iron Chefs — Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Masaharu Morimoto — and cook with three Secret Ingredients. No good work goes unpunished in Kitchen Stadium! If the chef succeeds against the Iron Chef trinity in taste, presentation and creativity, he or she will earn the title of Iron Chef…and will have our unwavering awe and admiration until the end of time.

We miss the Iron Chef drama! Alton Brown unveils the secret ingredient.

Alton Brown returns as the host of Iron Chef, but this time he has a new task on his plate: he will be judging the Chairman’s Challenge; the first test that decides which chef will go onto the next round. Alton told Foodnetwork.com that in this elite culinary competition, he will not stand for sloppy technique.
“One of the first things that falls off when the clock is running is knife work, is consistent knife cuts and I won’t put up with that.” You’ve been warned, chefs!

Click here for Iron Chef Gauntlet competitor full bios.

Meet the chefs who have the stomach to take on this grueling challenge:

  • Stephanie Izard (Chicago):  Top Chef season 4 winner and James Beard award winning chef and restaurateur.
  • Nyesha Arrington (Los Angeles): Named Chef of the Year by Eater L.A. in 2016. Combines French technique with Southern California cuisine.
  • Michael Gulotta (New Orleans): Named 2016 Best New Chef by Food & Wine magazine.  Executes Southeast Asian cuisine using the Louisiana pantry.
  • Shota Nakajima (Seattle): Won the Seattle round of the World Washoku Challenge in 2014. Creates Japanese comfort food with Pacific Northwest ingredients.
  • Jason Dady (San Antonio): 2012 James Beard award semifinalist for Outstanding Restaurateur. Runs a Texas-sized empire of Italian, Spanish, BBQ and seafood restaurants.
  • Jonathan Sawyer (Cleveland): 2015 James Beard award winner Best Chef: Great Lakes. Worked for Michael Symon before opening his own French, Italian and Asian restaurants.
  • Sarah Grueneberg (Chicago): Chef/Partner of Monteverde Restaurant, named a Best Restaurant by Food & Wine, Bon Appetit and GQ. Travelled the world and has global approach to cuisine.

Sarah Grueneberg setting Kitchen Stadium ablaze.

And there’s more Iron Chef!  The one-hour special,  Legend of Iron Chef, airing Sunday, April 23 at 8 E/P right before the Iron Chef Gauntlet premiere, relives the most memorable Iron Chef moments and gives you the inside scoop of this culinary phenomenon.  Iron Chef Eats premieres Monday, April 24 at 9 E/P with back-to-back episodes each week, and will recount where the stars from the world of Iron Chef eat when they’re not in the kitchen.