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Easy Father’s Day Menu Ready in Under an Hour

Preparing a decadent four-course meal doesn’t have to mean slaving away in the kitchen for hours. This delicious Father’s Day menu is a cinch to make and will surely impress Dad and give him a happy belly (and heart!).

First Course: Garlic Country Bread with Whipped Ricotta Butter
Time: 20 minutes

We guarantee that the aromas alone from this homemade garlic bread will whet your appetite and set the mood for the celebratory feast.

Second Course: Butterflied Lobster Tails with Garlic Lemon Butter
Time: 20 minutes

A Father’s Day spread is not complete without a serving of succulent lobster tails to fancy up your dinner menu. Prep these ahead of time.

Third Course: Giada De Laurentiis’ Grilled Lamb Chops with Nancy Fuller’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Time: 10 minutes for lamb, and reheat make-ahead mash

This mouthwatering dish by Giada De Laurentiis is prepared with rosemary, garlic, thyme and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Simple and classic, pair these mouthwatering chops with make-ahead cheesy baked mashed potatoes. Got some extra time? Add some crunchy texture to your plate with fried zucchini.

Fourth Course: The Pioneer Woman’s Cookies and Cream Cups
Time: 5 minutes

Not everything has to be made from scratch when throwing a memorable meal. Take the stress out of baking a fancy cake and make Ree Drummond’s delightful cookies and cream cups instead. They will be the perfect finishing touch to a well-made meal.

Heartwarming Father’s Day Memories from our Stars

Although our stars are often away traveling the world and sampling great food, they always make time for family. Whether it’s enjoying a nice backyard barbecue or going on a road trip, nothing beats quality time with Dad! Here, our chefs and hosts share their favourite Father’s Day memories.

Noah Cappe shares a few photos of his father, Leslie Cappe via  Instagram @noahcappe

Noah Cappe shares a few photos of his father, Leslie Cappe via Instagram @noahcappe

“In recent years my dad has fallen in love with cooking,  more specifically, working the Q!” says Carnival Eats host Noah Cappe. “Last year, we were standing by the barbecue in the classic father and son pose, and I did a fake intro like he was cooking on Carnival Eats and he just went with it. It was hilarious!  That’s my dad.  That’s why I love those moments you get on a day like Father’s Day.”

Anna Olson and her father on a road trip; Anna's Key Lime Pie, her father's favourite dessert. Instagram @chefannaolson.

Anna Olson and her father on a road trip via Instagram @chefannaolson; Key Lime Pie, her father’s favourite dessert.

When Anna Olson was younger, she admits she had a hard time expressing her gratitude for her dad on Father’s Day. “All the typical greeting cards showed guys fishing, golfing or hanging out in the garage — and my dad did none of these things,” says the Bake with Anna Olson star. “But as I grew up and took on baking as my after-school hobby, I quickly learned that he appreciated sweets as much as I liked making them, and he still does to this day.  When I am working on new dessert recipes, I always make sure my dad gets first pick of the sweet selection. His favourite dessert is my key lime pie.”

Eden Grinshpan (second from left) with her mom, Riva Grinshpan, sisters Arielle and Renny Grinshpan, and father Menashe Grinshpan.

Eden Grinshpan (second from left) with her mom, Riva Grinshpan, sisters Arielle and Renny Grinshpan, and father Menashe Grinshpan.

Chopped Canada judge Eden Grinshpan says she was lucky to sit down and have dinner with her whole family every night as kid. “My father grew up in Israel and always talks about the foods his mother gave him. Every special occasion we try to replicate those dishes for him, like smokey eggplant with sliced tomatoes and a sponge cake with 12 eggs in it,” she says. Her father, Menashe Grinshpan, has been supporting the star since day one. “Because of the support and love from him and my mother [Riva], I have been able to achieve everything I have ever wanted to do in my life. I’m a very lucky girl.”

Cooks vs. Cons judge and Sugar Showdown host Josh Elkin was four years old when he gave his dad his first gift. “I built my dad a pencil holder for his desk. To this day, he still has it, although it doesn’t hold pencils anymore,” he says. While pies and ties are popular gift items these days, the star is grilling up something different. “I would love to cook my dad an awesome steak dinner, which I’m sure he would adore. However, it wouldn’t last through the test of time like a pencil holder has.”

Roger Mooking shares some throwback photos of his parents and himself as a little boy via Instagram @rogermooking.

Roger Mooking shares a throwback photo of his parents Gemma and Allay Mooking, as well as a baby photo of himself via Instagram @rogermooking.

“My father was a second generation restaurateur so he clearly inspired me in my career,” says Chopped Canada judge Roger Mooking.  His father Allay and mother Gemma raised him in Trinidad before moving to Canada at the age of five. “I grew up in a household of good steady cooking and music.” Sounds like the perfect pairing to us!

Lynn Crawford’s Flavour-Packed Father’s Day Menu

Let Chopped Canada judge and award-winning chef Lynn Crawford be your sous-chef with these delicious ideas for your Father’s Day feast.

Make Memories

When planning your Father’s Day menu, chose ingredients that spark happy memories for the two of you. Lynn’s father and other members of her family were all butchers, and she recalls how proud her father was when she decided to pursue a culinary career.

Lynn also recommends taking advantage of the good weather by sparking up the grill.

“Dads love when their kids are making a meal for them. It’s nice weather [this time of year] and ultimately the feast should include a barbecue,” says Lynn.


Start your Father’s Day meal with a sweet summer salad your dad will want to eat over and over again. Lynn’s love of beets comes from her father’s penchant for pickling.

“He always made pickled beets. I have memories of all those different jars on the counter, purple hands, and the smell of vinegar all over the kitchen.”

Get Lynn Crawford’s recipe for Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad with Summer Greens.


“My father and I cooked a lot together. As a kid growing up, dad was home from work first, so it was always about peeling potatoes and getting them on the stove. He had these dad repertoire recipes which were always very easy.”  Add some flair to your mashed potatoes with this easy and creative side.

Get the recipe for Lynn Crawford’s Lobster Mashed Potatoes.


“My father had a couple of recipes he was known for. To this day, we still use those recipes,” says Lynn. “He’s got a great marinade for steak. He loved the barbecue!” Take a cue from Lynn and grill your dad a big, juicy steak for the special occasion.

Get the recipe for Lynn Crawford’s Coffee-Salted, Pan Seared Rib Eye Steak with Cowboy Steak Fry Salad and Smoked Paprika Aioli.

DessertChef Lynn dessert

To cap off a wonderful meal, go for a a burst of citrus with these shortcakes as a light and airy dessert. Chef Lynn is a big fan of incorporating grapefruit in lighter dishes that boast tangy, bright flavours.

Get Lynn Crawford’s Florida Grapefuit Shortcakes recipe.

Top 20 Burgers For Dad


Father’s Day is this Sunday, and what better way to honour and celebrate Dad than with his favourite food group — meat. Most of you are probably thinking steak, but we’ve got a better idea: a big, juicy burger.

We’ve found the most delicious and mouth-watering burger recipes for you to make for dad.

Check them out:

1. Mexican Burger with Spicy Mayo 
2. Indian Taco 
3. Best Grilled Burgers with Pesto 
4. Doug’s Burger 
5. The 9 Pound Burger 
6. Black Bean Veggie Burger 
7. New England Cheddar Burger with Shrimp Louie 
8. Turkey Burger with Feta 
9. Steak Burger with Summer Salsa and Swiss Cheese 
10. Hamburger and Caesar Salad 
11. The ‘Auto Strata’ Burger 
12. Parmesan Sage Pork Burgers 
13. A.C.E. Burger 
14. Tommy Gun Burger with Gravy 
15. Turkey Burger with Double-Smoked Bacon 
16. Paneer Mushroom Burger 
17. Bungalow Tuna Burger 
18. Lamb Burger 
19. Atlantic Lobster Burger 
20 Rebel House Buffalo Burger 

10 Succulent Steak Dinners for Father’s Day

There’s no Dad around who doesn’t appreciate a juicy, tender steak any day of the week. This Father’s Day, treat him to a classic homemade meal that he won’t forget.


Here are 10 delcious steak recipes to choose from:

Bobby Flay’s Grilled Steak with Papaya Salad

Butter Steak

Teriyaki Flank Steak 

Hickory Smoke Strip Steak

BBQ Steak with Stuffed Potatoes and Broccoli

Seafood Steak Roll

Rib-Eye Steak in Beurre Blanc with Duck Fat Fries

Perfect Pan Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Striploin Steak Fondue

Steak Medallions with Mushroom Sauce

Father’s Day Picnic Menu

If you’re looking for the perfect occasion to have your first picnic of the summer, look no further than Father’s Day. Treat your old man to some of these great outdoor snacks.




Cold Pasta Salad

Super-Quick Guacamole Dip

Creamy Coleslaw

Green Bean and Potato Salad

Picnic Tabbouleh




Make Your Own Sub Sandwiches

Chuck’s Fried Chicken

Hot Southern Mess

Rolled Sandwiches

Grilled Kebabs




Fruit Salad with Mint

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sunshine Lemon Bars

Spiced Banana Muffins

Praline Brownies

Light and Tasty Treats for Dad

Looking for some health-conscious alternatives to traditional Father’s Day meals? We’ve got you covered with these deliciously healthy recipes!




Fresh Lobster and Citrus Salad

Panko-Crusted Baked Shrimp

Romaine, Avocado and Corn Salad

Herb and Chickpea Salad

Pine Nut Bread Salad




Sauteed Tequila Lime Shrimp Tacos

Paella with Wild Rice, Seafood and Cornish Hen

Name-That-Tuna Casserole

Neapolitan Thin Crust Pizza

Skinny Chicken Parmesan




Very Chocolate Cake

Pear Sorbet

French Toast Cups

Dark Chocolate Baked Pudding

Father’s Day Comfort Food

Celebrate the most important man in your life with these irresistible recipes.



Roasted Corn and Pepper Potato Salad 

Grilled Caesar Salad 

Summer Asian Pasta Salad 

Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes 

Grilled Chicken Sticks with Plum Sauce 




Saucy Ribs

Hunan Smoked Beef Ribs

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings

High and Fast Suicide Wings

Gobble Gobble Burger

Hawaiian Burger

Cilantro Citrus Grilled Chicken

Chili Orange Grilled Chicken

Grilled Pork Chops

Flank Steak Fajita




Strawberry Shortcake Torte

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

La Creme de la Cream Pie

Chocolate Marshmallow Linzer Cookies

Top 5 Spicy Recipes


Father’s Day is quickly approaching (this Sunday; mark your calendars!), and if you’re looking for a way to surprise Dad, a hot and spicy meal is a great way to do it. We’ve rounded up our top 5 spicy recipes, so check them out! You can also visit our Father’s Day guide for more recipes and menu ideas.


Spicy Tequila Salsa

Spicy Lamb Meatballs

Spicy Beef on a Bun

Spicy Green Mango and Cucumber Salad

Spicy Grilled Beef Salad


Father’s Day Q&A With David Rocco

This Sunday is all about the fathers. Spending some quality time with the family and having a great meal is, really, what Father’s Day is all about.



Recently, I sat down with Food Network personality, David Rocco, host of the new series David Rocco’s Amalfi Getaway (coming to Food Network Canada this fall), to chat a bit about what it’s like being a father, cooking for his kids and what Father’s Day means to him…


DC: You are a father of three now. Have you noticed your style of cooking change at all since starting a family?

DR: Well, you always think “Oh, my kids will eat everything that I make!” and then reality sets in…They discriminate on colour, texture, taste… The key to cooking with kids, getting them excited about food, is to get them involved in the kitchen. Even just to stir something, because then they get excited with something that ‘they’ made and say: ‘Hey mom, hey dad, this is what I made!”
DC: So what are your plans for Father’s Day?

DR: I’m just celebrating, being with my family. My dad just turned 70 on June 1st and I’m a new father of a baby boy who’s only 7 months. It’s still neat and new, so we’re just going to hang out.



DC: Do you cook on Father’s Day?

DR: I cook because I like to cook. It’s just like drinking water, you know, you need to drink it! I enjoy cooking, but there are certain things that my wife makes that I love. She makes a great lasagna. So, she might surprise me with that.


DC: Any simple tips to help make Father’s Day memorable?

DR: First, taking that time to set the table. If it’s kids cooking for their fathers, fortunately the mother is kind of behind it too, to help out. I think in the opposite situation (i.e. Mother’s Day), people [can] get really overwhelmed.

Ask your father what he wants and make it for him. Make those special things. For example, if there’s a special beer or a special wine, make a dish that he loves. Even if you’re a wife or child [typically] saying “Dad you shouldn’t be eating that.” If he wants double the bacon with his morning toast, just make it for him! It’s always about the celebration of food and eating together.


DC: Mother’s Day is typically known for having family brunches, and Father’s Day gatherings later in the day. What do you typically do?

DR: For us it’s definitely been more of an afternoon thing. Because of the weather, it was always about playing soccer that afternoon and coming back from the park with dad and having, like a…is there a word for a meal that’s somewhere between lunch and dinner…maybe a ‘linner’? [laughs]


DC: If you have to pick a drink to enjoy at a weekend brunch or barbeque would it be a Caesar, a mojito or a glass of prosecco?

DR: Well, all are good. Actually, I use prosecco (and this is great for mom or dad) and mix it with pear juice or cucumber juice. It’s really fresh. Prosecco acts a nice backdrop, the bubbly and sweetness [of it], to work with other things. For an Italian mojito, just use prosecco instead of soda water! Could be fun for dad if he wants to go a little crazy on Father’s Day!




Top 5 Restaurants for Thrill-Seeking Dads

Father’s Day is just around the corner. And though it never seems quite so festive as its parentally significant counterpart in May, we all know that dads, too, like to feel appreciated and loved. They also, occasionally, like to show that they are men—like to remind us of their manliness—by doing things that “normal” people might not attempt. So why not give dad the gift of a culinary adventure by treating him to a meal at one of these outrageous restaurants.


5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant


Your family’s Big Kahuna can feast on the ocean’s bounty in its “natural” environment at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. The signature dining experience at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort is a glass-walled and –ceilinged space that’s actually immersed in the Indian Ocean, offering a 270-degree view of the coral and marine life. There’s a catch: the tiny island nation has seen significant political unrest over the past year, so choose your travel time wisely. But perhaps don’t wait too long—low-lying Maldives is at risk of flooding if climate change causes sea levels to rise.

4. Atmosphere


Pop’s not afraid of heights, is he? That’s good, because Atmosphere, the restaurant on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa tower, is 442 metres above downtown Dubai. (For those of you who are keeping score, that’s almost 100 metres higher than the CN Tower’s observation-level restaurant.) The 1,030-square-metre space caters to all manner of oil barons and power brokers with a cosmopolitan dinner menu—everything from risotto to Moroccan-spiced lamb to wagyu beef to, um, Maine lobster—and a swank lounge for the best cocktails money can buy. Oh, and did I mention the view?

3. Chunky’s Burgers


No, grilled beef patties are not particularly thrilling by nature. That’s why this San Antonio, Texas institution spices them up a little. Scratch that. Chunky’s spices up its “Four Horsemen” burger a lot. It’s thought to be THE hottest sandwich in all of human history. (This guy managed to eat one but not without disposable gloves, tears and a lot of sweat) If your iron-stomached father wants to test his mettle, he’ll order this hot hunk of meat, which is made killer hot by jalapeno slices, chopped Serrano peppers, habanero sauce and chunks of ghost pepper, the hottest pepper in the world. As a good son or daughter, you’ll want to be on-hand with multiple glasses of milk to help the ol’ city slicker wash down his meal.

2. Tsukiji Yamamoto


Notoriously one of the most dangerous foods, fugu (or pufferfish), is a delicacy in Japan. The fish contains lethal amounts of tetrodotoxin—a poison that paralyzes the muscles, eventually causing respiratory failure—but is nevertheless served for human consumption by specially trained chefs at restaurants like Tsukiji Yamamoto. If dad’s going to eat something that could theoretically kill him, he might as well do it at this two-Michelin-starred restaurant, which serves a 10-course tasting menu composed of almost every edible part of the blowfish. Here’s a suggestion: have your old man drink a cup or two of sake before heading to the restaurant. He may need the liquid courage!

1. Huashan Teahouse


You might want to schedule dad an intense fitness regime in advance of booking a trip to the Huashan Teahouse in Huayin, China. Originally a Taoist temple, the… oh, let’s call it a café… sits atop a mountain more than 2,100 metres high. And you can’t just take an elevator (or a helicopter) to reach it, either. Instead, to enjoy what must be a mighty fine cup of tea, prospective patrons must ride a gondola to a base camp, shimmy along a thin wooden rail nailed to the mountainside, then actually climb that mountainside, and finally (finally!) ascend an insanely steep staircase. Let’s hope pappy likes a nice oolong!



Craig MoyCraig Moy is an editor at a Toronto-based city magazine. He also writes about all manner of cultural topics, including food culture. 




What Food Network Hosts Want for Father’s Day

To help mark Father’s Day this Sunday, I emailed, tweeted and called some of my favourite Food Network Canada hosts, who also happen to be dads, and asked what they wanted for their celebratory day.


One of my fave peeps, Scott Conant, host of 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, father to two-year-old Ayla (how freakn’ cute is this pic btw!) with another one on its way in September, tweeted: A bottle of ’61 Chateau Petrus (one of the world’s most expensive wines!) and some stinky cheese. You’ll need that wine for when the newborn comes! Kidding… sort of.



Host of Everyday Exotic and Heat Seekers, Roger Mooking, father to three, ages 5,4, and 1, emailed: “I really would love someone to build me a fire pit with rotisserie big enough to roast a whole suckling pig.  And then a doctor on call because my wife will abuse me for putting another piece of cooking equipment in her beloved backyard.”

Top Chef Canada’s head judge Mark McEwan, who has a son and a daughter in their early twenties, said he would love to receive a really good carving knife or a new, quality pepper mill in a funky colour.  I should remind you all that a brand new season of TCC  is taping this summer, so get your applications in all you wannabe cheftestants.



Copper pots  and pans are on a lot of dad’s wish list, including Dolce Vita’s David Rocco, father of three. He says, ” they’re the best to work with and they look great, but I don’t think my 4-year olds have enough in their piggy banks… yet!”





45-Minute Gourmet Father’s Day Meal!

As the years go by it becomes increasingly difficult to come
up with the perfect gift for Dad. Really, how many ties, shirts, golf
accessories and tool sets does one guy need? This year, step outside the habitual
“gift box” and give Dad something he’ll really enjoy. A gourmet meal prepared
and served right at home. And best of all, made by you!

Don’t fret if you haven’t studied in Europe’s finest
culinary schools or you’re not an executive chef in a swanky downtown
restaurant. And if you are, then great! You’ll still want to make this
delicious trio for the perfect Father’s Day feast.

Creating this simple and delicious menu requires 1 part
imagination, 1 part education and a pinch of love to seal in the flavour. Plus,
you can do it all in just 45 minutes.  So,
grab a spatula and let’s get started!


Watermelon, Feta And Black Olive Salad

A twist on traditional Greek salad, this intricate blend of
fruit, Mediterranean cheese and veggies will wake up your taste buds. Carefully
chop the fruits and veggies into bite-sized pieces so the oils and juices mix together
nicely. Don’t forget to add a dash of mint and basil – that boost of flavour will
counteract the sweetness of the watermelon.


Pork Chops

Father’s Day doesn’t officially begin until the grill is fired
up. Keeping with the gourmet theme, this recipe, coincidentally enough, hails
from one of Toronto’s finest celebrity chefs.

This simple grilled pork chop platter is like no other. “Why?”
you might ask.  It’s all in the sauce.
The star ingredient – lychee – a tropical fruit originating in Southeast Asia
and Taiwan yields a delicate aroma, and when placed on top of sizzling hearty
pork chops produces a mind-blowing infusion of sweet and salty flavour.


Vegetable Kebabs

For all the vegetarian dads out there, it may be a little
difficult to come up with something that makes a hearty main dish and is still
grill-friendly. Luckily, these veggie kebabs are a perfect fit. Stalked full of
colourful vegetables and healthy goodness, these large skewers make a succulent
main dish all on their own or can be added to a toasted baguette for the carb
lovers out there.

Tip: feel free to add/remove the suggested vegetables found
in the recipe. If you know Dad’s favourite vegetables are mushrooms, throw
those into the mix. If you know he absolutely can’t stand the taste of eggplant
then make sure none are in sight.  He
will be delighted (and impressed) you remembered his top picks.

Don’t forget the sauces, both are simple and easy to make.
With fewer than 5 ingredients each, these can easily be whipped up while the
kebabs are on the grill.


Tiramisu Pudding

A true Father’s Day feast isn’t complete without dessert.
The best part of a meal, if you ask me. Tiramisu goes back centuries and is a
staple in the Italian culinary community but what differentiates this tiramisu
from all the others is its creamlike texture.

Presentation is everything with this sweet delight. Placed
in mini serving glasses, what traditionally has been served as a full-bodied
cake has now been reinvented into a pudding consistency, creating a simple and
elegant presentation with little fuss on the chef’s part – wait, that’s you!

At last! A meal fit for a king (or in this case, good ol’ Dad).
The memory of his family preparing a three-course meal will pull his
heartstrings for years to come, and best of all, he’ll enjoy it in the comforts
of his own home.

Besides, aren’t father’s always complaining
about never having enough time to watch a sports game (in full) or spend an
entire Sunday at home without having to mow the lawn,
drive the kids to ballet or clean up after the beloved family pet, Snuggles? Father’s
Day only comes once in a calendar year; make the most of this one.

Gift Guide: What Real Dads Want for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching —  Sunday June 17th to be exact, we asked some real dads in the and family what they would like to help celebrate their day.


My husband, dad to Zoe,1, and Oliver,3, has literally been drooling over these beautiful John Boos cutting boards for months. He’s not alone. These handsome boards are a favourite among top chefs including Bobby Flay, who has a round walnut one in his home.  These weighty boards are not only practical, they look goooood. This latest version makes clean up a breeze. You don’t have to worry about lifting these weighty boards for cleaning. You just sweep any unwanted food bits into the fitted pan insert which removes for easy clean up. My husband absolutely LOVES it. Did I mention the boards are reversible? They even make them with slotted knife inserts. ($130- $190 depending on size)

Melissa, manager of, says her hubby and dad to 2-year-old Hudson, has been eyeing the Big Green Egg despite the fact he just bought a brand new barbecue last summer. He told her he NEEDS the Egg to smoke turkeys. I can’t blame him. People are passionate about their Eggs including Chef David Lee who shared his grilling secrets using, what else, the Big Green Egg. ($600 – $1200 depending on size)
Mia, manager of, says her hubby and dad to 4-year-old Bella and another on the way in September, is coveting a Cast Iron Skillet from Lodge, America’s oldest family-owned cookware foundry (est. 1896). With proper maintenance, they last forever.  Every self-respecting cook should have one. Unfortunately for Mia’s hubby,  it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for this Father’s Day.  According to Mia, “he’ll be getting exactly the same thing  I received this year for Mother’s Day, which is a big fat nothing!” Actually she used stronger phrasing but I kept it PG for you. ($25 for a cast iron skillet)


Per, husband to Elana, managing editor of  and dad to Sophie,5, has very refined tastes. So I wasn’t surprised to find out he wants a new set of Mauviel copper pots which is what Laura Calder wanted for Christmas. They’re beautiful, quality pots. Actually I wouldn’t mind a set myself (hint, hint to my hubby if he’s reading).  ($1500 for 7 piece Copper Set)

Online Producer Jessica’s father asked for some sauce and dry rubs from Umami Burger a popular Hollywood joint frequented by Food Network hosts including Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown and Ina Garten. Luckily for us, they ship to Canada. ($7.50 – $10 depending on sauce)


What do the dads in your life want for Father’s Day? Please share.




Just Brew It: Beer-ific Father’s Day Recipes

Bring the joy of cracking open a cold beer on a hot summer’s day to your Father’s Day table with some of these brew-ified recipes!




Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing and Spicy Beer Nuts 

Michael Smith’s Beer Steamed Mussels 

Beer-Battered Onion Rings 




Beer Bird with Celeriac Puree 

Spicy Beer Can Chicken 

Beer Steamed Lobster Tails 

Steamer Clams with Beer and Chorizo 

Beer-Battered Cod and Chips 

Spare Ribs in a Beer Sauce 

Beef in Beer

Bringing Dad the Heat

You’ll have Dad feelin’ hot, hot, hot after trying some of these spicy dishes for a perfect Father’s Day feast.




Popcorn Rock Shrimp with Spicy Honey 

Spicy Marinated Mussels 

Spicy Lamb Meatballs with Mint Yogurt 

Clams Casino with Spicy Chorizo 

Spicy Tequila Salsa




Spicy Beef on a Bun 

Spicy Beer Can Chicken  

Sweet ‘n Spicy Breakfast Hash 

Thin Crust Spicy Sausage Pizza and Spinach Salad 

Spicy Herb Crusted Baked Fish

Nua Nam Tok (Spicy Grilled Beef Salad) 

Spicy Chili

Achin’ for Some Bacon

Some things are just meant to go together: peanut butter and jelly, winter and ice hockey, and dads and bacon! Check out this sizzling menu and prepare to bring home the bacon this Father’s Day!



Havarti and Bacon Brochettes 

Mussels with Bacon and Rapini 

Boursin-Bacon Twice Baked Potato 

Crispy Bacon Rings with Smoked Salmon Mousse  

Grilled Corn On The Cob Wrapped In Bacon




Bacon and Egg Salad 

Blue Cheese and Bacon Potato Salad 

Potato Salad with Bacon Dressing




Hodad’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger 

Baked Oysters with Irish Cheddar and Bacon  

Pasta with Tomato and Bacon Sauce 

Maple Glazed Salmon Fillets with Bacon Barley, Swiss Chard and Maple Bacon





Father’s Day Party Fit For The Don

The annual rite of dads everywhere—Father’s Day—is celebrated this year on June 17th. Tickets to the ball game, ice cold beers, dinner on the BBQ—all tried and true ways to make sure Dad enjoys his day. But why not make this year special and make Dad a party he won’t forget and will be tweeting and Facebooking about for months afterwards? What theme could possibly unite dads across all boundaries, transcending cultures and generations, to fulfill the dreams of dads everywhere? Clearly there is only one answer: You need to make Dad the Godfather-themed Father’s Day party he never knew he always wanted.

Antipasti – Before the Meal: Michael Smith’s Italian Sodas

For starters, there is some basic setup you’re going to want to get out of the way. Be sure to send out some Mob-themed invites by email even if you just plan on making this an intimate affair for the family. There are plenty of free invitation sites available online.

Make sure Dad knows to wear his best Sunday suit to dinner. If you want to add some small additions, a red carnation for his suit pocket, a white scarf, and a fedora will all complement his suit (and the theme) really nicely. Ask guests to dress in any ’40s-inspired outfits they wish. Try and get a red and white checkered table cloth, some candles, Italian soda, and red wine to help set the mood. Popular Italian wines include Chianti, Merlot, and Borolo.

Primi – Appetizer: “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes”

One of the most famous lines from the Godfather trilogy refers to Luca Brasi, one of Don Corleone’s henchmen who met an early demise (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink). For a fun and playful appetizer serve potato pillows—found in most grocery store freezers—with smoked salmon roses and a drizzle of your favourite mustard.

Secondi – Main Course: Sicilian Pasta with Tiny Meatballs

Choose Dad’s favorite Italian Main dish or make it a family-style tableful of food—spaghetti and meatballs, baked pastas, eggplant Parmesan, pizza with fresh basil and mozzarella—the options are endless.

Contori – Vegetable: Grilled Garlicy Artichokes

Consider serving grilled vegetables along with your main dishes. So many great vegetables are in season around Father’s Day. Asparagus and artichokes are both great choices for the grill. Simply toss with a light drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and grill over low to medium heat until done.

Dessert – “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Another classic quote from the Godfather quite fittingly closes out Dad’s dinner. Serve a round of grappa (an Italian grape based brandy) and bring out a tray of cannoli with a handgun on the platter. Lean in to dad and say—”Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

Lastly, at some point during dinner someone should sneak upstairs and leave Dad a present under his covers. A stuffed animal horse is the perfect way to finish off this Godfather-inspired shindig and remind Dad this was the best Father’s Day party he has ever been thrown!