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Top 3 Dishes Inspired by Classic TV Moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about all of the different ways to celebrate the most important women in our lives. From delectable desserts to luxurious brunch, we want you and your mom to have the yummiest Mother’s Day ever. We’ve been inspired by famous movie moms in the past when it comes to crafting the perfect menu, but this time, we’re drawing inspiration from the moms who check in once a week to tug at our heartstrings and provide some extra laughter and wisdom: TV moms. 

Treat your mom to a menu based on her favourite show and the characters in it! 

Gilmore Girls 

shepherds pie mothers day 

Perhaps the closest mother-daughter duo to ever be seen on television, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were inseparable. Their favourite hangout was, of course, Luke’s diner, and we know that there’s nothing better than sitting down to some hearty comfort food and a heart-to-heart with your mama. 

Savoury Cheddar Biscuits Recipe 

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese Recipe 

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe 

The Cosby Show 

poached salmon 

The epitome of a wise, warm and intelligent TV mom, Clair Huxtable was unforgettable and revolutionary, as one of TV’s first working mothers. Her striking, elegant and confident nature is still inspiring, and therefore, only the most well-rounded meals would be fit for this queen.

Poached Orange Salmon with Cilantro Butter, Rice and Carrot Slaw 

Country Apricot Chicken with Rice and Broccoli  

Dry Garlic Sausage with Pasta and Spinach Salad 

Married…With Children 

chocolate dipped strawberries 

Okay, maybe Peggy Bundy wasn’t the best mother in practice, but her intentions were good! She chose to spend her days on the couch, watching daytime TV and snacking on candies and chocolates, so what better way to celebrate this hilarious and iconic housewife than with some sweets!

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries Recipe 

Anna Olson’s Chocolate Truffles Recipe 

Fudge Brownies Recipe 




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Video Blog: Jen Kirsch’s Recipe for Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you stuffed on chocolates yet? No? Then you’re doing it all wrong! We’ll wait while you hit up your loved one for something sweet… we’re talking about the chocolates (get your mind out of the gutter).


While you munch on your treats, we have another video blog for you to watch courtesy of Jen Kirsch who writes about relationships for our sister site Now, Ms. Kirsch knows a thing or two about love, but did you know she even has a recipe for this topic? Watch below to learn more.


The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs Finale – Did The Right Competitor Win?

The pantheon of American Iron Chefs grew one bigger last night as chef Geoffrey Zakarian defeated chef Elizabeth Falkner on the season finale of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs.

Lauded by host Alton Brown as a “classically trained master technician at the peak of his career,” the bespectacled chef-owner of New York restaurants The National and The Lamb’s Club brought all of his culinary talents to bear in Kitchen Stadium to create the ultimate three-course holiday feast.

Geoffrey Zarkarian



You read that correctly: the Chairman presented not one secret ingredient to the finalists, but an entire smorgasbord of (somewhat) traditional Christmas-dinner staples—everything from squash and parsnips to beef and salt cod. Turkey, you’ll note, was not included. Ever cunning, the Chairman also intervened three times during the 60-minute showdown to announce challenging “surprises for his amusement”: on top of their original three dishes, the chefs also had to create a cranberry-based dish, an ice cream, and a holiday cocktail.

The cooking, as expected, was fast and furious; we saw the usually cool chef Zakarian finally break a sweat, while chef Falkner had to overcome technical difficulties when her ice cream maker literally froze up. The action was so intense that previously eliminated chef Alex Guarnaschelli was conscripted to assist the two finalists.


When it came time for judging, both competitors earned fulsome praise from an expanded panel, including regular judges Simon Majumdar, Judy Joo and current Iron Chef Michael Symon, plus elder-statesmen Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Masaharu Morimoto.

Chef Falkner’s extra dimension as a pastry chef was a much-discussed asset demonstrated in her various creative dishes, in particular a beef wellington that would’ve brought a smile to Gordon Ramsay’s face. Her dessert background also helped her to produce the evening’s most talked-about dish, a cranberry sorbet with frisée and fennel salad plus kaffir lime and tarragon gelée.

But, in the end it was chef Zakarian who pulled together the seasonal elements with superior panache. Among the offerings in his fanciful modernist Christmas feast? A parsnip and cardamom bisque with “frittata-style” sausage stuffing, cranberry risotto made with sake (for its floral quality) instead of wine, and roast beef cubes with tiny “gifts” of turnip, squash and potato.


The Next Iron Chef

It’s been a pressure-packed eight episodes, folks, filled with all manner of ingenious Chairman’s Challenges and Secret Ingredient Showdowns featuring 10 of North America’s absolute best chefs. I wonder, how many of you predicted that it would be chef Zakarian’s oversized headshot finally hanging in Kitchen Stadium? At the start of the season he seemed primed for a fall, almost too self-assured; by the end he was slightly humbled, but his confidence was clearly earned. I’m sure many of us were rooting to see Montreal’s Chuck Hughes rise above the competition, and I know at least a few ladies who could’ve used a few more weeks of Marcus Samuelsson on screen. Or perhaps you would’ve picked chef Falkner, the deserving finalist, who appeared to be just scratching the surface of her culinary potential.

What do you think of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs finale? Did the right competitor win? 


Craig MoyCraig
Moy is an editor at a Toronto-based city magazine. He also writes about
all manner of cultural topics, including food culture.




Holiday Menu Ideas From Your Favourite Food Network Hosts

The holidays are all about great company and delicious food, so to make your holiday menu planning a bit easier, we’ve compiled a bunch of menus comprised of recipes from your favourite Food Network Canada hosts!

First up, Chef Michael Smith’s simple and sumptuous dishes are guaranteed to be a success at any holiday dinner party! Be adventurous this season and try creating something from the menu that you wouldn’t normally, like a Deep Fried Turkey or Tea Poached Salmon (see the full menu here).


Chef at Home Holiday Menu  

Next we have a selection of luxurious and comforting dinner ideas from Chuck Hughes. Cozy up to some succulent Duck Breast with Red Wine Sauce and hearty Scalloped Potatoes (see the full menu here).

scalloped potatoes

Chuck’s Day Off Holiday Menu 

Finally, we turn to Laura Calder to add some French flair to your festive meals. French cuisine is luxurious and full of rich flavours, so try serving a Duck a l’Orange  for your main and compliment it with Artichokes with Brown Butter Hollandaise (see the full menu here).


French Food at Home Holiday Menu 

Sponsored by: tostitos 


Middle Eastern Feast

Finger foods, fragrant spices, and plenty of vegetarian delights is the perfect table for a social gathering of friends and colleagues. Serve this colourful spread buffet-style or as an informal sit-down dinner with plenty of medium to full-bodied red wines such as Syrah, Malbec, or Zinfandel; or a Roussanne and/or Gewertz (for white wine lovers).


  • Roasted Whole Garlic with Goat Cheese  
  • Olive & Oregano Wine-baked Tofu 
  • Spiced Moroccan Nuts 
  • Main 

  • North African Meatballs 
  • Vegetable Tagine 
  • Kale & Walnut salad 
  • Sides 

  • Parsnips with Moroccan Spices 
  • Marilu’s CousCous 
  • Desserts 

  • Stuffed Figs 
  • Fig Olsons with Moroccan Mint Tea 






    Cottage Style Feast

    Pack a basket of winter bounty and set a course snow-bound to celebrate amidst Canada’s trademark season. What could be more ideal than a glazed ham in the oven and the scent of baked apples in winter wonderland?


    Savoury Baked Apples

    Apple Butter Glazed Ham

    Salt Roast Potatoes 
    Snap Peas and Brussels Sprouts 

    Butterscotch Pudding

    Top Comfort Food Recipes
    Top Soup Recipes
    Top Baking Recipes

    Fresh Traditional Feast

    This holiday meal has two stars! Michael Smith’s brined turkey is a must for turkey-loving families (go for it, it’s worth effort), but who says big bird can’t share the spotlight with a scrumptious, savoury bake? Easy as pie (easier, actually), swap out the turkey meat in the bake for broccoli or your favourite veg, and you’ve got the perfect meat-free alternative.


    Pecan and Stilton Stuffed Brie


    Brined Roast turkey and Gravy

    Rockwell Bake


    Speedy Cranberry Sauce

    Roast Veg with Chestnuts

    Dandelion Greens


    Pavlova with Orange Marmalade and Orange Whipped Cream

    Hazelnut Cream and Raspberry Coulis Pavlova

    White Chocolate Pavlova

    Winter Pavlova with Kumquats and Blood Orange