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Bobby Flay and Michael Symon

Our Favourite Friendship Moments Between BFFs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon

Bobby Flay and Michael Symon don’t keep their adoration for one another a secret. They’ve been friends for more than two decades, rose to fame together, invaded the culinary world and have been slaying it ever since. Despite being very different in style, the two chefs still find ways to take their friendship on-screen. For their first time (if you don’t count Michael giving Bobby a hard time on Beat Bobby Flay), the two face off in a barbecue competition like no other.

In BBQ Brawl: Flay v. Symon, the chefs mentor a team of world-class pitmasters, and go head to head to gain advantages throughout the competition — despite stating in 2015 that they “don’t cook against each other.” But no need to fret, things never get too heated between the two. Yes, there’s some gentle ribbing (see what we did there?), but with a friendship that’s this strong and has lasted this long, the only fire coming off of Bobby and Michael is from their bromance.

That look you get from a homie who knows how skilled you are but doesn’t want to admit it.

Bobby showed his “boy” some love by sporting some sweet Mabel’s BBQ swag. The original restaurant opened in Symon’s hometown of Cleveland in 2016; the grand opening of the second location, much closer to Flay’s heart in Las Vegas, was in December 2018. Both spaces are named for his business partner, Doug Petkovic’s late mother.

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In 2015, Bobby received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first chef ever to do so, and Michael was there to show his “man” some support and say a few words. Aw.

Bobby knows how to keep his pal in check and jokes that even some of the best chefs around need a little schooling every now and again. (Sorry, Michael.)

Symon gets a bit of revenge, by teasing Flay about his age who, at 54, is nearly six years older than Michael.

Michael and Bobby take their friendship (and cooking skills!) on the road with Chef Marc Vetri in Philadelphia.

Sometimes it’s the differences that make a friendship work, as Symon points out.

Nothing says bonding like two dudes golfing. And, yes, virtual golfing counts.

What’s a little love tap between friends?

A striking pose and a little shimmy and shove from Bobby prove these guys have nothing but love for one another.

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Need more proof these guys know each other well? Laugh along as Bobby and Michael take a Match Game-style quiz.

Ina Garten’s Playlist Proves That She’s the Queen of Summer Parties

The top things every summer party should have are fabulous food, delicious drinks, and wonderful company. But right behind those musts is good music. Just ask Ina Garten, who created her own playlists (available on Apple Music and Spotify) featuring her favourite oldies but goodies.

But we went a step further and, like any great dish and accompaniment, paired a handful of the songs she adores with her amazing recipes. So get out there, enjoy some fantastic fare and magnificent music — all courtesy of The Barefoot Contessa.

“Happy Together” by The Turtles

Kick things off with Ina’s fresh Arugula, Watermelon and Feta Salad. It will wow you with both its brightness and its fresh summer flavours. From the bitter of the arugula, the sweet of the watermelon and the salt of the feta, it will tantalize every tastebud.

“In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry

Nothing says summer party like ribs, but what’s even better with these Smoked Pork Ribs is that they don’t even require a smoker to achieve the flavour. Ina uses pork spareribs (but points out that lamb works just as well), and you can either use her simple glaze or opt for your own favourite barbecue sauce. As host, however, just ensure they’re cut in easy to eat pieces so as your guests won’t get too messy.

“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys

The layers of peaches, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries — which get an extra kick from the raspberry brandy — on top of brioche or egg bread (your choice, of course) make Peach and Berry Summer Pudding the perfect dessert for those lazy, steamy nights.

“(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

Sometimes you need two sweet treats to cap off a scorcher of a day and after a dessert packed with fresh fruits, a creamy Frozen Hot Chocolate caps off any meal. Again. Its only downfall? You won’t be leaving the party anytime soon; the chocolate will keep you buzzing for a little while longer.

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

Sometimes a party can be so good, the guests don’t leave until the following day. But you know who they are and knew what to expect so you likely would have prepped for the Overnight Belgian Waffles ahead of time. The batter will be ready by morning where all you’ll need is your handy-dandy waffle iron. Top with sliced bananas, toasted coconut, maple syrup, and creme fraiche or let them decide and allow for them to dress the waffles themselves.

Can’tget enough of these easy entertaining recipes from the Barefoot Contessa? Try Ina Garten’s 25 Best Summer Dinner Recipes

Duff Goldman Tweets

Hilarious Things Duff Goldman Tweets That Will Make Your Day

Anyone who watches Duff Takes the Cake — and has seen Ace of Cakes or Buddy vs. Duff — knows Duff Goldman is a funny, goofy dude. Yes, he’s all about the cakes and can create just about anything from flour and sugar (and all the other necessary ingredients), but it’s his colourful personality that really makes him something to behold.

Now, if you think he’s only like that on television, then you don’t follow him on social media. And if you don’t, then why aren’t you? Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above, here’s proof that the charm (Goldman’s studio isn’t called Charm City Cakes for nothing!) we see from Duff on TV isn’t far off from real life. In fact, based on these tweets, perhaps what we see on the small screen is just a taste of the real Duff.

Our minds don’t even want to go in the vicinity of a place this desolate.

If Duff is implying that he will send cakes north of the border, then excuse us while we email our orders in.

He’s a big dude who makes big cakes but little staircases can be a challenge.

Hmm, perhaps Duff needs to address Geof this way from now on.

Oh, Mrs. Goldman. We’re with Duff.

Huh. Goldman might be the best baker around but sometimes it’s the simpler things in the life that make for the yummiest things.

Duff might not be a dad yet but this might be the daddiest joke ever.

The biggest pizza debate and Duff has taken sides …

… though even he has his limits.

Duff may be self-deprecating but he won’t tolerate being made fun of.

Hmm, guess Duff isn’t as close with this pal, Carl Ruiz, as he thought.

Apparently bull riders are wild in more ways than one.

It’s a team effort. To 17 more years! And another 17 on top of that. And another … well, you catch our drift.

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Buddy Valastro Celebrity Cakes

Buddy Valastro’s Coolest Celebrity Cake Creations

In Bake You Rich, professional bakers vie for the opportunity to have one of their creations produced and sold online by none other than Buddy Valastro. Because who better to know a good concoction than the Cake Boss himself? Buddy has made his fair share of cakes over the years out of the family-run Carlo’s Bake Shop and whether they get customers walking in and grabbing a cake off the shelves, or accommodating custom orders for fans and celebrities, people are never disappointed.

Take these stars, for example. They asked for epic creations from Buddy, and they received. Boy, did they ever.


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Thank you Cake Boss! @buddyvalastro

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This cake may look simple, but its purpose was significant. In honour of Beyoncé’s eponymous fifth album, it was meant to look both like actual vinyl as well as the understated album cover. Super sexy, just like the singer.

Willie Nelson

For Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday in 2013, Buddy constructed a guitar-shaped cake with fudge filling, inspired by the country music legend’s beloved guitar, Trigger. Buddy and his team added a little whimsy in the form of munchies, including chips, popcorn and pretzels. Now that’s the high life.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter played for the New York Yankees his entire career so it made perfect, delicious sense that his farewell cake featured the team’s iconic pinstripes and logo, and Jeter’s No. 2. Both sweet and bittersweet.

Melissa and Joe Gorga

Considering Buddy’s Hoboken roots, it’s no wonder he and wife Lisa are pals with Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga. For Joe’s new book, Melissa enlisted Buddy to create a cake in the likeness of The Gorga Guide to Success. And it was pretty magnificent.

Common and John Legend

For a reception that celebrated Common and John Legend’s Academy Award-winning song, “Glory,” from the Selma soundtrack, an epic cake was required. So who better than Buddy and his team to create an edible work of art like this replica of Selma, Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge?

Britney Spears

Britney celebrated her birthday and the release of her sixth album, Circus, with a concoction that basically looked like one giant firecracker. What a beaut!

Melissa Gorga

The RHONJ star had pal Buddy to thank in 2017 when she celebrated her birthday with a three-tier, black-and-white Chanel-themed cake. Because, of course.

Flo Rida

For Flo Rida’s visit to the Today show, Buddy created an extra-cool cake that was perfect for the rapper and his performance of “Cake” with 99 Percent. How fitting.

Big Bird

The details of the feathers, the nest, and the slice of cake Big Bird is holding all looks absolutely scrumptious, so much so that we almost couldn’t eat it. Almost.

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