White Russian and Eggnog Cocktail

Kickstart the Holidays With This Easy White Russian and Eggnog Cocktail

Putting a holiday twist on the classic White Russian cocktail, this decadent and surprisingly easy to make cocktail is a star at any occasion. Given that this That’s the Spirit cocktail uses only three ingredients, I highly recommend using good quality vodka and eggnog as we’re aiming for decadence. Equally appropriate before or after dinner, this creamy festive cocktail is one you’ll be making again and again. Cheers!

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White Russian with Eggnog Cocktail

White Russian and Eggnog Cocktail

Prep: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1

White Russian Cocktail with Eggnog Mise en Place

2 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlúa
Splash of Eggnog

White Russian Eggnog

1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.

White Russian with eggnog

2. Pour vodka and Kahlúa into the glass.
3. Using the back of a bar spoon, pour eggnog on top and serve.

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