Top Chef Canada Winners to Compete on Iron Chef Gauntlet Season 2

Two fan favourite Top Chef Canada winners, Nicole Gomes and Dale Mackay, will compete in the new season of Iron Chef Gauntlet, premiering Wednesday, April 4 at 9 E/P.  Calgary’s Nicole Gomes won last year’s All-Stars season of Top Chef Canada, becoming the first woman to win the title, while Saskatoon’s Dale Mackay won the first season of Top Chef Canada back in 2011. There can only be one Iron Chef Gauntlet champion but that won’t stop us from rooting for both of them!

Canadians Nicole Gomes and Dale Mackay are pictured left standing with the group of other Iron Chef hopefuls and host Alton Brown (centre).

In this exciting battle, seven chefs from across the U.S. and Canada will enter Kitchen Stadium for a chance to become the next Iron Chef.  Each week, the chefs compete against one other to avoid elimination. The last chef standing enters the Gauntlet to take on three formidable Iron  Chefs: Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon and Stephanie Izard. If the chef beats all three,  he or she will become the next Iron Chef.

Stephanie Izard is the newest Iron Chef earning her title by winning Iron Chef Gauntlet’s first season.  She is also a Top Chef winner (she took the title in the series’ fourth season).  Perhaps that’s a good omen for our Canadians!

Chef Nicole Gomes is a tough competitor. Aside from winning Top Chef Canada: All-Stars, she has over 20 years of professional culinary experience including cooking around the globe with accomplished chefs in Sydney, Hong Kong and Vancouver and as the chef-owner of her own event catering company, Nicole Gourmet Catering, now in its eleventh year. In 2016, she opened Cluck N’ Cleaver with her sister, a fried chicken and rotisserie take-out restaurant that prides itself on giving customers good food, fast.  The restaurant has been a hit! Nicole will be expanding with more locations in Calgary and across western Canada.

Sneak peek of Nicole in Iron Chef Gauntlet’s season premiere

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Chef Dale Mackay runs a successful restaurant empire in Saskatoon, that includes hotspot Ayden Kitchen and Bar,  named to Enroute’s Best Restaurants in 2014. Before establishing himself in his Prairie hometown, he was executive chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred restaurants in London, Tokyo and New York and also the executive chef for Daniel Boulud’s Lumière restaurant in Vancouver.

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Dale Mackay seen in Kitchen Stadium in Iron Chef Gauntlet’s season premiere

Visit the Iron Chef Gauntlet site for more about the upcoming season and to see who Dale and Nicole will be competing against. Watch new episodes Wednesdays at 9 E/P beginning April 4. If you missed an episode, catch up online when new episodes are available Thursday mornings after previous night’s broadcast.

Dale Mackay giving Alton Brown a taste of what he’s created in the premiere episode of Iron Chef Gauntlet

You’ll also get to see Nicole as a guest judge in the upcoming season of Top Chef Canada sharing her wisdom with the next generation of Canada’s chefs. Beginning April 8, catch Top Chef Canada on Sundays at 10 E/P. To catch up, we’ll have full episodes online the next day at

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