5 Tasty Waffle Iron Hacks That Go Beyond Breakfast

There’s no denying that fluffy, fresh waffles are pretty much the most heavenly food ever. But who says your waffle maker is limited to breakfast use? The handy appliance can cook far more than your favourite brunch dish, which means they’re no longer relegated to a pre-noon meal in our books.

With a little kitchen creativity the sky’s the limit — so why limit yourself to sweet breakfast waffles topped with berries and cream when you can use your iron for incredible, savoury lunches and dinners, too? Think waffle-inspired sandwiches, pizzas, creative side dishes and more. When you break it down, there’s so much more to this comfort food than syrup and jam. Not that we’d ever complain about those toppings either, mind you.

Take this recipe for a simple Margarita Pizza, for example. Fresh pizza dough is waffled up to crispy perfection, then topped with tomatoes, two kinds of cheese and shredded basil at the very end for a new twist on a classic that’s calling our name. It’s simple, savoury and something outside of your typical slice of pie. The fact that it’s ready in a matter of minutes is just an added bonus.


Now how genius is that?

But we don’t have to stop with pizza — swapping out regular old bread for seasoned waffles makes for the perfect sandwich twist.  The Sweet Potato Chronicles gals whip up some tasty examples in the video below, breathing new life into Southwestern Corn Waffles (made with buttermilk and topped with Monterey Jack cheese);  Caprese Waffles (stuffed with fresh mozzarella); and these Thanksgiving Waffles, which take turkey and sweet potatoes to a whole new level.


It’s amazing how just a few adjustments to a waffle batter can result in so much goodness. Looking for more waffling inspiration for your next lunch or dinner? Try these recipes on for size.

Breakfast-for-Dinner Savoury Waffles

Who says you can’t have breakfast for dinner? Good old-fashioned cornmeal batter is waffled up to perfection and then served with your choice of fresh eggs, sausage or bacon in this riff on a classic.

Taco Waffles

These cornbread jalapeno waffles are stuffed with more traditional taco ingredients like shredded chicken and pico de gallo for a fun, Mexican waffled twist.

Waffle Maker Quesadilla

Who needs waffle batter when you have wheat tortillas laying around? Stuff yours with some fresh cheese and let the iron do all of the work while you waffle around.

Discover genius hacks for your slow cooker, freezer and more.




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