John Catucci is Bugging Out on April Fools’ Day

Want to mess with your kids this April Fools’ Day? Of course you do, and our resident joker, You Gotta Eat Here! host John Catucci, has got just the prank.

“Find a big plastic bug and when you make food for your kid, put that in the food when they’re not looking.”


Maybe don’t do it if your kid suffers from entomophobia, or fear of bugs, or you might “have a kid that’s traumatized by a plate of pasta,” says John.

No kids? No problem — this simple prank works on adults, too.

“That’s what my wife did on one of our dates,” says John. “She put a fake bug while I went to the bathroom. The food was at the table. I come back to spoon my pasta and there’s a bug in it! And she’s just laughing at me.”

Want to celebrate a gentler, yet still bug-themed April Fools’ Day with your little ones? Try our recipes for Ladybug and Spider Salad, Spider Burgers and Lady Bug Pops, instead.

ladybug pops

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