Chicken and Rice Soup

1 Chicken Breast Recipe, 4 Delicious Leftover Ideas

Pan roasted, baked or even poached, there’s nothing quite like the ease and convenience of fast-cooking chicken breast. From Korean lettuce wraps to a nutrition-packed grain bowl, here are four quick ways to make dinner happen in a matter of minutes with your chicken breast leftovers.

Pan Roast Chicken Breast

Start with Pan Roast Chicken Breast with Baby Spinach.

1. Try Korean Style Lettuce Wraps

When constructing these deeply-satisfying butter lettuce wraps, consider gochujang—the fiery red Korean paste—your flavour-boosting glue. Mix one tablespoon of gochujang with an equal amount of white miso paste, a splash of sesame oil and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Then, smear a dab on each leaf, pile on the chicken and garnish with sliced scallions and matchstick cucumbers. Dinner is done!

Naan Bread

2. Make a Homemade Naan Pizza with Chicken

From-scratch pizza dough is definitely doable, but it’s also a time-consuming treat for when you’ve got the time. When you want dinner in 10 minutes, store-bought naan bread makes a great base for pizza in a jiffy. Spread on any tomato or marinara sauce, leftover cooked chopped chicken breast and sliced vegetables like mushrooms or peppers. Top with grated smoked mozzarella or lumps of torn burrata cheese. The best part? The pizza is done when the cheese is bubbly.

3. Make a Fully Loaded Chicken Grain Bowl

Don’t let sad desk lunches happen to you. Perfectly packable and loaded with nutrition, make 2016 all about the grain bowl. Toss leftover chopped chicken with a cooked grain like quinoa, barley, farro or brown rice together with fresh herbs like parsley, mint or basil, some grated carrot or beet and a handful of toasted nuts for crunch. Bring it together with a quick lemon vinaigrette.

Chicken and Rice Soup

4. Put it in a Soup

Long simmered chicken soup is a winter staple but you can still get fast flavours with a little help from leftover chicken, a whack of sautéed veggies and ready-made broth. Start by sautéing the vegetables together with some garlic and onion and toss in the vegetables. Add the broth and bring to a gentle simmer, tossing the chicken near the end and simmering until just heated through. Finish with fresh herbs like dill and lemon wedges, or coriander and hot chilies for some spice. Fill it out with rice, orzo or Asian-style noodles.

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