9 Ways with Spinach, Feta and Onion

This popular combo is not only delicious, but it’s healthy and super versatile. These dishes are also a wonderful way to get the kids to eat some spinach as they’ll have a hard time saying no to these irresistibly cheesy sides and mains. Check out these simple and tasty recipes using spinach, feta and onion.888_9-ways-with-spinach-feta-onions

1. Robin’s Hash

2. Mediterranean Spinach and Basil Frittata

3. Spinach Feta Rice

4. Spanakopita

5. Spinach and Lemon Risotto

6. Lemon Orzo with Baby Spinach and Feta

7. Spinach Pie

8. Spinach and Paneer Turnovers

9. Crepes with Feta Scrambled Eggs and Salsa

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