The Ultimate NCIS: New Orleans and Chicago Fire Viewing Menu

To celebrate Global TV’s star-packed premiere week, Food Network Canada celebrates the marriage between food and TV watching with its kick-ass guide to themed menu pairings with powerhouse series NCIS: New Orleans and Chicago Fire.


The Ultimate NCIS: New Orleans Viewing Menu (written by Kaitlyn Ward)

Are you still reeling from Zeva’s departure from NCIS last season? Are you looking to satisfy your craving for a hearty helping of heart-pounding drama? Your calls have been answered with NCIS: New Orleans! Y’all better get to the quarter because this show is hotter than a Cajun catfish! With back-to-back premieres of NCIS and the series premiere of NCIS: New Orleans, the non-stop bone-chilling cases, chemistry & adrenaline-inducing action will come at you like beads at the Mardi Gras parade! As delicious as Special Agent Lasalle is, the kitchen will be even hotter with these NOLA-inspired dishes.

To get things started and let loose like you’re in The Big Easy, sip on a creole bloody mary. But don’t confuse this kicking cocktail with an ordinary bloody mary – feel the heat with a blast of cayenne pepper and garnish with pickled okra to help you channel your inner Abby Sciuto (go on and take a dance break during the commercials!)

Now laissez les bons temps rouler (or let the good times roll to those of you that aren’t up on the lingo) and dig in to a spicy jambalaya that will have even no-nonsense Gibbs leading the march for the second line parade.

Would an episode of NCIS be complete without a DiNozzo wise crack? Hell no! And this meal would not be complete without dessert. Undo that top button and indulge in a beignet (or a dozen!) that is sure to tide you over until next week’s all-new episodes!

NCIS Season 12 returns to Global on September 23 – 8PM, followed by the series premiere of NCIS: New Orleans at 9 pm.


Pre-viewing Cocktail:


Main Course:




The Ultimate Chicago Fire Viewing Menu (written by Anne Vranic)

So, you want cut abs like Kelly Severide? Bulging arms that could carry a kitten out of a tree? In the words of Dawson, “bitch please.” This Chicago-style cuisine will be as satisfying as your dreams about Taylor Kinney and way more fun than the gym. So sit back, loosen your cargo pants and enjoy the season three premiere of Chicago Fire!

To kick things off and appropriately cleanse your palate, down Creator Derek Haas’ favourite cocktail, the “highball” comprising whiskey, ginger ale and lime (and take a subsequent shot every time Dawson stares lovingly at Casey).

Then, channel 51 Firehouse’s resident cook and heartthrob Mills, and prepare some family-style, feel-good Bucktown samplers that will fire up your friends’ tastebuds including mini pizzas, mini Chicago-style hot dogs and slow-cooked Italian beef sliders. Warning: consumption may set off a five alarm fire.

Chicago Fire Season Three returns to Global on September 23 – 10PM


Pre-viewing Cocktail:


Main Course:



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