How to Throw a Kick-Ass Bourbon Party


Sometimes, we’ll use just about any reason to throw a party. Quit your job? Yay! Found that perfect apartment? Woohoo! Started dating a new guy and have to look busy to keep him interested? Party on, Wayne!

With the temperature dropping and BBQ gathering no longer an option, we’re in need of fun (and warm) ways to keep us entertained indoors. So, why not celebrate National Bourbon Month with a bourbon-themed bash with your besties? You could even call it “Bestie Bourbon Bash,” if you will.

From the perfect cocktail to the best dishes to serve, not to mention the little extras to indulge in, here’s everything you need to throw a kick-ass night in with friends.


When it comes to how to serve bourbon, keep it simple when savoury dishes are being served and stick to it straight up, with ginger, or even as a Manhattan. Before the meal or afterwards with dessert, go for a fun cocktail like a Sour Cherry Old-Fashioned.

Dishes to Serve:


Make sure you have the right glasses, like this version from West Elm. And feel free to dress them up with customized stir sticks, like these wooden options from For Your Party. As for the activity, cards and bourbon just feel right, and this golden set from Anthropologie is perfect.

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