Ultimate Easy Peasy Wine & Food Guide


Some of us are quite the wine connoisseurs. We know just what wines everyone will love and will complement certain foods perfectly. I, unfortunately, fall into the other category – the group that’s are completely clueless when it comes to the grape stuff.

The worst part? I have this problem where I constantly volunteer to bring the wine to get-togethers and dinner parties even though I have no idea (1) what types of wine people generally like (I think a Pinot Grigio is a safe bet?), (2) what country to pick wine from (surely, anything from Italy would be good?) and (3) which wines go with what dishes.

But being quite the problem solver that I am, I came up with answers to my questions that I thought I’d share.

First, ask the hostess if she has a wine preference. Second, just go with Italian or French wine. And three, ask what dishes will be served, and consult my easy peasy guide for choosing a wine. Or, if you’re hosting a party and know your friends prefer a certain type of wine, you can consult my list for an idea on what kind of dishes to serve.
As for my recommended recipes, check them out below!

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